Back Pain

80% of us will suffer from lower back pain at sometime in our lives. Each year millions of dollars and hours are lost due to low back pain. Research shows that the majority of such pain is caused by mechanical defects in one or more segments of the low back (lumbar spine).

The spinal column which proves protection for the spinal cord is made of bones known as “vertebrae”. Proper alignment of these bones/vertebrae allows the spinal column to function normal and have normal movement (range of motion). Misalignment of the bones/vertebrae, even minor ones, irritate nerves causing pain, numbness and/or muscle tension and/or spasms and cause loss of normal function. This is known as subluxation.

Low back or spinal misalignments can happen when you (your body) cannot adapt to any kind of stress (physical, mental or chemical). Stress can be caused by an accident, falls, improper lifting techniques, poor posture, and/or even muscular tension. In addition, a weakened spine is more susceptible to more severe damage from trauma than one that is in its normal condition. Just like a house with a poor foundation will crumple under increased stress.

Some of the signs of spinal misalignment are:

1. Low back pain, stiffness or numbness.

2. Pain down the legs.

3. Numbness and tingling.

4. Loss of normal function.

5. Wasting or atrophy of the muscles.