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"I began my chiropractic treatments after experiencing chronic back and thigh pain. After my 1st adjustment I could immediately tell the difference in my flexibility. Currently, I am practicing better sleeping postures and being mindful of my body position. I feel really good physically and emotionally. Everyone should try chiropractic treatments at least once in their lifetime. You will not regret it!"

M. Washington

"I’ve been coming to Dr. Brolin for several years. Without her care, I would have to live with a lot of pain. When I was 12 years old, I broke my neck which led to chronic migraine headaches. With the chiropractic care I receive, I can manage these headaches as well as the neck and back pain I experience. I would recommend Dr. Brolin to any of my friends who are in pain and need relief."

Sara P.

"Over the years of my life, I am now 68, I have found chiropractic care to be the best. I don’t know why, but it seems like radiologists can not read an x-ray as well as Dr. Brolin can. Then I say she puts me back together and I feel good again. Pain is no fun, no matter where it is in your body. She has helped me from the neck down. I am so thankful my friend told me about her."

Ariel G.

"Back surgery had been suggested. I heard about the Chiropractic technique that Dr. Brolin uses, which came highly recommended. I decided to give it a try. It has made my quality of life much better and without surgery."

Ann M.

"Dr. Brolin has made such a difference in my life. My neck and back pain have largely disappeared, and I love that she treats my whole body, not just my neck & back."

Leslie G.

"After years of pain and discomfort, numbness, sleepless nights, three different doctors, and the possibility of surgery, Dr. Brolin got me back into my life."

Kimberly M.

"I started coming to Dr. Brolin with daily, severe headaches. After 3 months, I am virtually headache free. Dr. Brolin and her staff are very caring and concerned about your health."


"My 1st visit with Dr. Brolin was the 3rd opinion for a painful issue I have been dealing with for over 2 months.

The first opinion was a bust; a verbal opinion with no options for dealing with or treating the pain. The 2nd opinion was my regular physician who, sad to say, simply gave a conflicting opinion from the 1st and gave me a prescription for medications that did not work.

After someone referred Dr. Brolin, I made an appointment and was offered a next-day appointment. When I got there I had a mountain of paperwork to fill out (detailed questions about why I was there!!), met with Dr. Brolin who questioned me for about 20 - 30 minutes about my pain, location of it, when it started, etc. Needless to say, before I left her office she had done x-rays and treatment that relieved the pain a bit.

She gave me instructions on how to cope with the weekend pain and her phone number to call if I couldn't manage the pain. I plan to continue seeing Dr. Brolin as long as necessary. She treated me as if she'd known me already, interested in my well-being.

I highly recommend this office to anyone and everyone."


"Truly compassionate care. I've been seeing Dr. Brolin approximately 8 months and what a tremendous difference in my overall health. I move with greater mobility, have a brighter disposition, experience much less pain. Have fibromyalgia, TMJ, scoliosis, etc., etc. I have had chiropractic care for around 40 years and have never had back surgery. That last statement is a testimony in itself. Little can beat a "good" chiropractor. I recommend Dr. Brolin highly."


"Dr. Brolin is a true healer. She quickly relieved my initial problem and has continued to be very effective in improving my scoliosis. I’ll never make any money with my golf to tennis games, but both have profited from increased flexibility due to Dr. Brolin’s treatments."

T. Mullen

"I began seeing Dr. Brolin in 2005. At the time I was suffering with near constant severe seizures due to a stroke at the age of 39. My seizures left my body in a great deal of pain due to the constant stress placed on my muscles and the structure of my body. I was in a constant state of dis-ease. Even walking with a cane for stability and balance.

I was skeptical when I first began receiving adjustments from Dr. Brolin as I had tried so many medical options I was out of hope that my condition could improve and was simply looking for relief from my pain.

Dr. Brolin was supportive and compassionate. She took her time and helped me to first slowly relieve my pain and eventually the seizures became less and less frequent as I gained more and more control over my physical well-being.

I often forget just how severely limited my life was in those days as I have not had a seizure for 4 years. It was a true miracle to find Dr. Brolin and to have this journey to regained mobility.

I believe Dr. Brolin and the care I received in her office were essential in regaining my ability to live my life to its fullest. I will be forever grateful!"

D. Taylor

"Wonderful, professional service. I felt much better after one visit than I have felt in the past year. Continuing care so I will continue improving my health."

Mary S.

"Excellent as always! Dr. Brolin was able to fit me in for a same day appointment when I unexpectedly had the afternoon off. She is always listens carefully to my description of my problem areas and works carefully to treat me holistically. The next morning my symptoms were greatly improved and I enjoyed a much more restful night's sleep."

M. W.

"I have found that you and your staff are both congenial and helpful. When I first came to you I could hardly walk without severe pain now I am walking on a regular basis with much less pain."

Janis C.

"This was my first time going to a chiropractor ( I'm 23, no prior injuries). I had been reading reviews and watching videos on people getting treatments for weeks, and finally decided to dive in and try Dr. Brolin. The videos I had been watching showed Dr.'s using their hands and honestly, it freaked me out a bit. I was scared, but I needn't have been in Dr. B's hands. Upon entering the office for the first time, I was greeted by the lovely office assistant, Sarah, and then filled out a few items before Dr. Brolin took me back. She sat and talked with me in detail about my pains and was surprisingly thorough. She then took x-rays, and went over what we saw in them, and explained the type of treatment she would be giving me. As the treatment began, she used an "adjuster" (not sure what you'd call it) and gently began fixing my back, neck, wrists, jaw, and ankles. (Mainly my back and neck, just minor adjustments to other areas.) I got up from the table feeling AHH-MAZING! I didn't realize how awful I'd been feeling until that moment. I had been suffering with severe headaches everyday, and lots of aches in my lower and middle back. Since I've started treatments, I have had almost no headaches, and my back has never been better. I've been back several times since then, and would recommend Dr. Brolin to anyone who thinks they may want some adjustments done. The woman is brilliant. And she always end my appointments with a hug. Love the atmosphere, and everything about this office. Five stars all the way."

Whitney P.

"Dr. Brolin is a kind, knowledgeable and skilled chiropractor. She employs a gentle yet effective technique to maintain healthy spinal alignment; she also practices kinestheology. I have been a staff nurse for 30 years and visit Dr. Brolin monthly and as needed and am grateful for the pain relief. Excellent attention to my needs as a patient. Dr. Brolin comes highly recommended! My children also see her."

Cathleen T.

"Dr. Brolin is knowledgable, professional, gentle and warm. Her treatments after my car accident have provided restorative relief to my neck and back."

Sally C.

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